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Notice: Cost of Living Support Scheme

How your council tax is spent

Council Tax spending breakdown for 2021- 2022

£100 a month looks like this...

  • Schools - £35.81
  • Social care - £34.84
  • Roads, transport and recycling - £12.08
  • Corporate costs (inc. council tax reduction scheme (Council tax reduction scheme pays for part of the Council Tax bill on behalf of those households on a low income.), levies, external audit, borrowing costs) - £5.95
  • Property, planning and public protection - £2.88
  • Finance services - £2.13
  • Housing and community development (inc. leisure, libraries and countryside services) - £2.06
  • Digital services - £1.45
  • Legal and democratic services - £1.10
  • Transformation and communication - 60p
  • Workforce and organisational development - 73p
  • Regeneration 37p

The cost of borrowing which is used to fund the capital programme for things like building new schools, council housing and highways infrastructure.


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