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Notice: Cost of Living Support Scheme

Tenancy Hardship Grant

This grant scheme has now closed

You can apply for this grant if you rent your home and you are at risk of homelessness as you are building up arrears of rent because of Covid-19. This could be because your income has become less during the Covid-19 period or your costs have gone up too.

The reasons you may not have been able to pay their rent during Covid-19 could be many and some examples are included below to help you, but we will look at any set of circumstances as they have affected you.

  • Increase in utilities due to spending more time at home
  • Increase in food bills due to dependants and non-dependants spending more time at home (e.g. school closures)
  • Being furloughed
  • Only in receipt of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) whilst isolating or experiencing Covid-19
  • Working fewer hours than usual (due to being on a zero-hour contract, or closure of the employer)


If you need help to apply or support around grant advice or benefit or awards support generally please call us on 01597 826345.


To get this grant you need to show the following:-

  • You must be renting a property from a private landlord or you rent from a social landlord
  • You have built up at least 8 weeks' worth of rent arrears during the period of 1 March 2020 to 31st December 2021
  • You have suffered financial hardship  during this period and this must be because of Covid-19 impacting you and your household
  • You must show that you haven't been able to address their rent arrears
  • You now face homelessness as a result.


You are not eligible to claim this grant if:

  • You are eligible to apply for a Discretionary Housing Payments from us.
  • If you fail to provide all the evidence we need to confirm your circumstances or we cannot confirm your circumstances through other checks we make
  • If we ask you to provide information or evidence within a set period and you fail to provide it within those timescales without reasonable cause.
  • If you have received a Tenancy Support loan already for the same period of time (see below).
  • You are in receipt of Housing Benefit or housing cost contributions through Universal Credit when the Covid related rent arrears were accrued


Tenancy Support Loans

If you received a Tenancy Support Loan from a Credit Union, they will now replace that loan with a grant and you should contact the Credit Union you applied to about that.

If you previously got a loan for a period of time, and have since experienced further financial hardship and meet the criteria for this Tenancy Hardship Grant then we can consider a claim from you providing that they do not cover the same period of time.


If you are successful:

  • We will let you know you are successful and the amount.
  • The payment will be paid directly to the landlord or agent to which the rent arrears are owed.


If you are not successful:

  • We will write to you to explain why.
  • If you disagree with the decision because you feel this did not take account fairly and correctly of all of the circumstances, or that we have made a mistake as to the correct facts, then you MUST contact us within one month of the date of the letter we have sent to you.

You should send your dispute to clearly explaining why you disagree with the decision and providing any further evidence to support your position

We cannot review your application outside that time period unless you can provide fair reasons as to why you couldn't contact us within that one-month period.


To apply you will need to provide with your application:

  • Evidence of Identity (Driving licence or Passport or Birth Certificate and 2 separate household bills. One of these must be your Council Tax Bill for the period of the rent arrears.)
  • Your National Insurance Number 
  • A copy of the tenancy agreement(s) which covers the relevant period.
  • Your income, capital and expenditure from 1 March 2020 - June 30 2021 and your normal pre-covid income, capital and expenditure. 
  • Bank Statements to show income, capital and expenditure

If you are in a joint tenancy we would expect to see evidence and eligibility from all applicants who hold the tenancy agreement. There may be some special circumstances where you can't provide this so do let us know on the application form.

Please note to speed up your application we prefer to see original statements so we can accept online statements providing they are in PDF format. We may accept copies on a case by case basis but we will then have to undertake other checks which will slow the process down.

Read the full guidance for the Tenancy Hardship Grant here


If you need help to apply or support around grant advice or benefit or awards support generally please call us on 01597 826345.



Landlords only

If you have received an email confirming that your tenant has submitted a Tenancy Hardship Grant, please complete the online form below:

Tenancy Hardship Grant Landlords Application Form Tenancy Hardship Grant Landlord Information Form